The Closet

The Closet is a program dedicated to providing and assisting women in prison to have clothing. Dignity in Grace partners with certain Oklahoma State Prisons to provide jeans, grey sweat pants and white shoe for the women. 

Oklahoma State Prison Shoes

White Shoes are required for women's prisons. 

By Donating money for clothing for women in prison; women in prison who do not have financial support from families and/or friends can obtain a pair of shoes. 

Bob Barker Prison Shoes

You may also purchase direct and send to the prison of your choice. 

Oklahoma State Prison Jeans

Blue Jeans as approved wear for State Prison

With a daily average of over 2,400 women incarcerated in Oklahoma Prisons, clothing for them is a priority. By donating to purchase a pair of jeans the burden is removed from the families that may be caring for the children 

Oklahoma Female Crime Convictions

Oklahoma State Prison Sweats

Sweat Pants for comfort wear

Oklahoma has 1 woman currently on death row. She was convicted of Murder over 15 years ago. 

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Oklahoma Reform